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Safety & Justice PAC

Supporting candidates across Oregon.

Oregonians increasingly favor candidates and elected officials who are committed to public safety policies that decrease our reliance on incarceration, advance equitable treatment, and increase community investments in alternative sentencing, community corrections, addiction treatment, and victim services.

That is why Safety & Justice PAC is working hard to support state and local candidates whose vision and values are in line with these priorities.

As a result, communities across Oregon have benefitted from local programs that keep families together, investments in prevention, and resources that crime survivors need to heal. We’re demonstrating that public safety reform policies can achieve accountability and ensure community safety without an over-reliance on prisons.

We’re on the right track, but there’s more to do.

By supporting the Safety & Justice PAC, you help put Oregon on the right path for public safety.

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“My generation overwhelmingly sees need for change in the current criminal justice system, given racial disparities in police violence, new understandings of brain development, and disproportionate incarceration rates.

Safety and Justice PAC is one of the leading voices in this arena, and I’m proud to work with them to advance smart criminal justice reform.”

– Rep. Karin Power, Oregon House District 41