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Supporters like you fund Oregon’s criminal justice reform movement through education, policy advocacy, and candidate support programsYour donation empowers us to advance solutions that better serve crime survivors, people convicted of crime, and the families and communities of both

Your gift powers the movement

Over the last few years alone, our work has:

“We can build safer communities for everyone in Oregon by committing to justice reinvestment, sentencing reform, and new approaches to juvenile justice that gives kids the support they need.”

Advanced state policies that center racial justice, including drug policy reforms, eliminating unnecessary police stops, and invest in restorative justice programs that promote accountability and survivors’ healing.

Delivered education to advocates across Oregon in lobbying, strategic communications, and policy solutions that ensure better outcomes for people convicted of crime and crime survivors.

Supported electoral candidates who lead Oregon’s movement for community safety, including city commissioners, district attorneys, state legislators, and governor.

Why I Give

Kelly Merrickis a monthly donor and community advocate. Here’s why she supports Safety and Justice Oregon.