Safety and Justice PAC

2018 Endorsed Candidates

Safety and Justice PAC is working to elect an inspiring slate of legislators who share our public safety values and understand the need for holistic, cost-effective solutions to crime.

These legislators are committed to reducing our reliance on incarceration, investing in victim services, and prioritizing programs such as addiction and mental health treatment.

To help make these victories possible, make your donation to Safety and Justice PAC. Thanks as always for your support!

Oregon Senate Candidates

FLOYD PROZANSKI, Senate District 4
FLOYD PROZANSKI, Senate District 4South Lane and North Douglas Counties
JAMES MANNING, Senate District 7
JAMES MANNING, Senate District 7North Eugene, West Eugene, Santa Clara, and Junction City
JACKIE WINTERS, Senate District 10
JACKIE WINTERS, Senate District 10Salem
CHUCK RILEY, Senate District 15
CHUCK RILEY, Senate District 15Hillsboro
ELIZABETH STEINER HAYWARD, Senate District 17NW Portland/Beaverton

Oregon House Candidates

PAM MARSH, House District 5
PAM MARSH, House District 5Ashland
NANCY NATHANSON, House District 13
NANCY NATHANSON, House District 13Eugene
TERESA ALONSO LEON, House District 22
TERESA ALONSO LEON, House District 22Woodburn
JANEEN SOLLMAN, House District 30
JANEEN SOLLMAN, House District 30 Hillsboro
JENNIFER WILLIAMSON, House District 36 Portland
MARK MEEK, House District 40
MARK MEEK, House District 40Clackamas County
KARIN POWER, House District 41
KARIN POWER, House District 41Milwaukie
ROB NOSSE, House District 42
ROB NOSSE, House District 42Portland
TAWNA SANCHEZ, House District 43
TAWNA SANCHEZ, House District 43Portland
TINA KOTEK, House District 44
TINA KOTEK, House District 44N/NE Portland
ALISSA KENY-GUYER, House District 46
ALISSA KENY-GUYER, House District 46Portland
DIEGO HERNANDEZ, House District 47
DIEGO HERNANDEZ, House District 47Portland
CHRIS GORSEK, House District 49
CHRIS GORSEK, House District 49Troutdale
CARLA PILUSO, House District 50
CARLA PILUSO, House District 50Gresham
JANELLE BYNUM, House District 51
JANELLE BYNUM, House District 51Clackamas
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